Data Scientist

Olmo invented an innovative, multi-dimensional clustering algorithm, which has become ClusterMath’s core algorithm.

Prior to building ClusterMath, Olmo worked as a Data Scientist for TripAdvisor in London.

Programing skills include: Python, development of clustering and bidding algorithms, SQL, Hive and AWS.


Systems Architect

He previously worked for 7 years as a technology consultant for Accenture developing system information solutions for multinational clients across the telecom, energy, space and travel industries.

Programming skills include: Python, Java (J2EE, JDBC), UNIX Shell Scripting, PHP, JavaScript, JSP, HTML, SQL and SAP.


Principal Developer

Nick is a Systems Engineer with over 20 years of work experience in high performance environments.

Programming skills include: Python, Linux, C, C++, advanced web scraping and parallel processing architectures.