Frequent Asqued Questions

What are micro influence networks?

It is an unique output of our algorithm – you don’t just find out who your key influencers are, but you also learn who their closest peers are and what makes them tick.

What is this magic algorithm?

Our magic algorithm has been built in house by our super-smart team. It’s an innovative, multi-dimensional clustering algorithm with the power to transform social media data into invaluable insightful information.

Where does the data come from?

We harvest our own data from social media sources to fuel our network algorithm. Each data set is custom built for you and your needs. No canned data for us! Meow!

Are there any limitations?

The limit is the internet! You tell us what your parameters are and we will aim to deliver against them – if we have any queries we will contact you.

Can I run tests through an API?

Yes, we have an API available to all users.